To-Read Book List for 2022

'Tosin Adeoti
4 min readDec 28, 2021

It’s exciting what we have been able to do at the Naija Book Club. Every month, we pick a book to read — from a rich variety based on recommendation by members. So, in total we had 12 books. Some read 11, some read 5 and some read 1. Some collected extra sheets and read 37 😊. It’s usually not the quantity that matters, but the habit of reading.

With that in mind, I almost didn’t write this post about the books I plan to read in 2022, but so many have asked, seeing the reading list I made in 2020 and 2019. Therefore, I chose to continue that tradition. My read for 2021 will come up shortly, but you can find out about the 44 books I read in 2020 and the 41 books I read in 2019.

I share these lists every year for three reasons:

  1. To encourage others to read. I will not get tired of saying we need to read more as a people.
  2. To provide a list for those who don’t know where to start. With 50 books, there is a lot of options.
  3. To document my own personal book history. I take writing seriously because I know that a pen is many times better than the best memory.

Right now, it’s only right that we just dive into it.


  1. Fela: This bitch of a life — Carlos Moore
  2. When Breath Becomes Air — Paul Kalanithi
  3. Mission-Driven Leadership — Mark Bertolini
  4. Sam Walton: Made in America — Sam Walton
  5. Red Roulette — Desmond Shum
  6. Out of Nigeria— Joe L. Brandler
  7. Empire of Pain — Patrick Radden Keefe
  8. A Very Punchable Face — Colin Jost
  9. Between Two Kingdoms — Suleika Jaouad
  10. The Great Successor— Anna Fifield
  11. The key man — Simon Clark


  1. The Story of China — Michael Wood
  2. The Square and The Tower — Niall Ferguson
  3. The Internal Enemy — Alan Taylor
  4. Nothing is True and Everything is Possible — Peter Pomerantsev
  5. The Napoleonic Wars — Alexander Mikaberidze
  6. The Norwegian Exception — Mathilde Fasting
  7. Aftermath — Harald Jähner


  1. Your Money and Your Brain — Jason Zweig
  2. The Behavior Gap — Carl Richards
  3. The Deficit Myth — Stephanie Kelton
  4. Richer, Wiser, Happier — William Green
  5. Poor Charlie’s Almanack — Peter D. Kaufman
  6. Tao of Charlie Munge — David Clark
  7. Damn Right — Janet Lowe
  8. The Snowball — Alice Schroeder
  9. The Ride of a Lifetime — Bob Iger
  10. Trillion Dollar Coach — Eric Schmidt
  11. Pour Your Heart into It — Howard Schultz
  12. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator — Edwin Lefèvre
  13. The Price of Peace— Zachary D. Carter
  14. DeFi and the Future of Finance — Ashwin Ramachandran
  15. The Way of the Wall Street Warrior — Dave Liu
  16. Choose Possibility — Sukhinder Singh Cassidy


  1. Land of Big Numbers — Te-Ping Chen
  2. East of Eden — John Steinbeck
  3. Klara and the Sun — Kazuo Ishiguro


  1. Choose Yourself! — James Altucher
  2. Getting to Yes — Roger Fisher
  3. Backable — Carlye Adler
  4. The Mind Club — Daniel Wegner


  1. The Code Breaker — Walter Isaacson
  2. Packing for Mars — Mary Roach


  1. LikeWar— Emerson T. Brooking
  2. The State Must Provide — Adam Harris
  3. The Triple Package— Amy Chua


  1. Why Buildings Fall Down— Matthys Levy
  2. Lectures on the Philosophy of Mathematics — Joel David Hamkins
  3. The Blind Side — Michael Lewis

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