Metaverse Birthing Dreams

The discussion everybody is having around metaverse is a fascinating study of borderlessness to me.

That kid in rural Akwa Ibom can read Zuckerberg’s article firsthand and dream.

That’s what the concept of technology leapfrogging is about.

Many of you never experienced fixed-line technology; those phone lines the whole family had to gather around when it’s time to call that relative in the United Kingdom. You moved straight to mobile technology.

Another example is how countries can skip the age of ‘fossil fuel’ and jump straight to the Solar Age.

That kid now does not think virtualization is limited to game characters, he now knows that humans can transport themselves to a space rather different from the one we play in right now.

What then happens is that when this kid elevates his thinking and gets to work based on the aspirations shared by Zuckerberg, even the Facebook founder would be left dazed at what Meta would birth for the future.

The future is progress.

My only hope is that we would be blessed by leaders who would allow these kids make the future come to fruition sooner rather than much later.

And that the kid would not have to move to Zuckerberg’s country to bring his yearnings to bear on the present.



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