Freshly Pressed Review: The Free Newsletter That Makes You Smarter In 3 minutes

'Tosin Adeoti
6 min readOct 4, 2020


by Mercy Adebayo

Freshly Pressed is an indigenous free email newsletter that collects the latest local and international news on security, politics and business and more.

A way to become a smart aleck is being up-to-date with what’s going on in the world and what the latest trends are. I used to check blogs, news, and podcasts to be in the know of what’s important to me on the global scene.

Imagine the stress of combing the internet on a daily basis to catch up on news and if you love reading so much like me, searching for articles to read.

Don’t know about you but for me, it is time consuming, distracting (because other things you don’t want pop up) and tiring. You may not even get the right content.

Now imagine all that premium content you’re looking for is curated and packaged in a newsletter, sent directly to your mail with no catch at all. You can settle down with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning (their logo is actually a cup of coffee) and catch up on all that is fresh on the local and international scene. Or relax with your good content at lunchtime. Or like me, sometimes when I skip some because of work, make the newsletter a reading pleasure during the weekend.

Go on reading this review if you’re wondering whether to subcribe or not or if you’re interested in good content and you want to make sure it’s worth it.


I just described Freshly Pressed newsletter up there ( It is a free tri-weekly email newsletter (alternate week days, delivered before 7 am WAT) that compiles the most important local and international news and transforms them into enjoyable bits that keep readers in the loop. It offers incredibly great content in a fun language specially for the Nigerian audience. No ambiguity in grammar or boring tone in presentation.

FP was launched in May 2020 amid the pandemic and have grown to almost a thousand subscribers and have …emails in their archive. They started with the regular newsletters and have plans of a finance newsletter arm in the near future.

If you’re already a fan, make sure to check their referral system where you can get cool rewards for sharing the press with your friends 😉

If not, go to and enter your email address in their subscription form. If you don’t enjoy or find useful their emails, you can unsubscribe in 2 seconds (I would wait some days, anyway).

The press started really lean and has four curators, a technical designer and two social media handlers as of now. Tosin Adeoti is the founder and visioneer.

FP emails have changed over the months and the topics included vary every time. However, they all have the same similar structure:

The intro is super short and creative. I call them fire intros to pique your interest and get you started on your day. They generally include jokes, funny stories or a light-hearted summary to a topic of the day.

Our COVID World
The first part of this section covers the coronavirus infection stats of the previous day, both locally and globally. The second part covers major coronavirus news from around the world

On This Day
This section curates happenings in history on that particular day.

The Big Stories
The following 4 sections are dedicated to different topics, such as economy, politics, tech, medical, international, etc.

The structure of these sections is always the same: title, image, analysis of the news. They include many links as well, which is really useful if you want to keep reading about that topic.

Some of their emails have sponsors and they are open to ad placements

What Else Is Fresh
Over twenty important political/business news and a link to keep reading about them on sites like Vanguard, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, The Cable, BBC, Bloomberg, etc.

The next section is for job and scholarships/fellowship opportunities where they constantly share valuable information to prospective students, job seekers and entrepreneurs alike.

Today’s Trivia
Today’s Trivia section get your brain exercised when you try to answer them. You find the answers to these trivia way down the newsletter.

The Picks Of The Day and the Literature section are my absolute favorites. I am offered what normally I wouldn’t search for or even if I search, I may not find those exact articles. These bring tech news, hacks and literary articles. The internet is combed for valuable content and packaged into these two sections. The curator of these sections is committed to getting the bests of articles to get you smarter.

Question and Answer section mostly bring unique content from Quora. You wouldn’t open Quora to check for answers to some questions randomly, but in the newsletter you have it presented to you all in a bid to make you knowledgeable and give a new insight to your day.

The overall content is light-spirited and ends on a funny note with catchphrases from FB or Twitter.

You can read other reviews people have written here and decide. At the same time, the rewards of referring users, apart from the Sunday email which is pretty easy to achieve, are just nice-to-have things, like Tees, Hoodies, or even more valuable ones like ad placements and career consultation.

Of course, there are thousands of newsletters out there, this is different in that it is run by young Nigerians focusing on Nigerian millennials.

What’s more? It’s free. *Sign up at and get easy access to only the news that matters. In a world where there’s information overload, silence the noise, keep the distractions away and add value to yourself in few minutes.